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Pottery Parties
Scouts & Brownies • Birthdays
 Couples • Corporate Retreats
Special Events*
Warwick Pottery offers 60-90-minute events where
each participant will create at least two projects: one on
the wheel; one hand built. 
You bring all the projects home with you on the same day!* 

Fun Children's Clay Experience Birthday Parties
( no food...just clay!)
An hour to an hour and a half,
depending on the number of children*
  • 10 years of age and under $20/child (10 child minimum)
  • 11-15 years of age $25/child (8 child minimum)
Boy/Girl Scouts and Brownies
one hour*
  • 10 years of age and under $20/child (10 child minimum)
  • 11-15 years of age $25/child (8 child minimum)
Ladies' Night Out & Couples Pottery Parties*
A Non-Alcoholic Good Time!
Get your girlfriends together ( at least four of you!) or  create double dates with your significant others for an evening of creative fun!
One and a half hours, $50/person
for parties of  6 or more... 10% discount! 

 Want a private class??
60 Minute private classes available!

$75  each person , per to two people..
 (You bring home your projects the same day! The projects will be fresh clay, to dry at home, unglazed....if you want to glaze your pots, a firing fee will be added. Please  pick up your pots within a month of receiving communication that they are ready. After one month...well....we aren't responsible for them. They are just too fragile, and this studio is a very busy place! PLEASE PICK THEM UP WITHIN A MONTH!  I would be sad  to have them thrown out...)